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Annie's Hand is a handmade font full of personality perfect for unique projects that need some charasmatic magical flair. This sweet font is based off the handwriting of yours truly. This font is perfect for quotes, headings, blogs, logos, invitations and more!

Annie's Hand - A Handwritten Font

  • Annie's Handwriting, A Handwritten Font - a magical, charasmatic font (OTF)
    - Upper case, lower case, numerals, glyphs and full latin accents library.

    Download this font as a .zip file and utilize in any program - Compatible with procreate app!

    This purchase includes a .zip file that contains:

    • You cannot alter this font in any way and resell in any format (font, digitized art, embroidery font, etc). 
    • You cannot sell or distribute the font file
    • You cannot include the font file in products as a free download
    • You cannot alter the font and claim as your own 
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